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1. Global Postal Tracking

Track Global Postal - The system can supported more than 120 countries all over the world, May repeat batch tracking, Click "Clear" button clear the input box to the numbers..

Track Global Postal Interface

Import - Can filter all tracking numbers directly on any text contents, The screening results will be show in the right sidebar, Click ‘Import’ button, The filtered numbers will be shown in the tracking input box.

Numbers Filter Interface

Results - Can be screened the batch tracking result status as (Not Found / Transporting / Pick Up / Delivered), Tracking results can be "Copy All" to the clipboard for use or you can "Copy Delivered" or "Copy Other" results to the clipboard for use; Due to the international network busy line or the other problems, The official website of the server disconnected or time out occasionally, We can use the "Re Track" to track again; The "View Offical Data" can be viewed the complete official data, Equivalent to the offical website for the tracking; You can click the "Expand" button to view the detailed tracking results. Corresponding descriptions of the fields can click the Help button.

Tracking Results Interface

Translate - We provide a real-time "translation" function, You can translate the data results of the multi-lingual.

Translation Interface

Modify the country - The system doesn't recognize the Origin Country or the Destination Country postal, It will be displayed "Unknown", You may click "Modify" and track for destination country postal if you are sure the destination country. We will be automatically registered and identify support.


2. International Express Tracking

Track International Express - It is similar to the global postal tracking. Only the tracking result is different. You can refer to the global postal tracking.

Tracking Results Interface